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Individuals with a criminal record or history of offenses may become admissible to enter Canada or apply for Canadian permanent residency or citizenship.

If a foreign national has committed a crime or offense outside of Canada, they may be considered criminally inadmissible under Canadian immigration law. However, in some cases, they may be eligible for rehabilitation, which involves proving that they have undergone a significant period of good behavior and have been rehabilitated since committing the offense.

There are two types of rehabilitation: Deemed Rehabilitation and Individual Rehabilitation. Deemed Rehabilitation applies to certain offenses committed more than ten years ago, where the individual is automatically considered rehabilitated without needing to submit an application. Individual Rehabilitation, on the other hand, requires the person to submit an application to IRCC, demonstrating their rehabilitation and good conduct since the offense.

If rehabilitation is granted, it allows the individual to overcome their criminal inadmissibility, making them eligible to enter Canada, obtain permanent residency, or apply for Canadian citizenship. It’s important to note that the rehabilitation process can be complex, and each case is assessed individually based on its merits and the specific details of the individual’s criminal history.


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