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Testimonial from : Frankhil Contreras

Looking back, it was an excellent decision to have chosen them. Thanks a lot!

I met Claudia through her YouTube channel, so I decided to schedule a first orientation interview after having started a provincial nomination process on my own. During the conversation, Claudia was extremely professional in the evaluation of the case, as well as assertive, when she made me notice that she “had screwed up”, since the selected route (due to lack of knowledge), would take longer than was prudent. Her opinion, (seconded by me), was that she should restart the NPP process and decline the invitation to apply.

What was striking to me was that at no time was their attitude trying to convince me to start the process with them, and they told me “you can do that only with an immigration consultant, the steps are as follows…” After a few days, I decided to hire their service for exactly that reason: not to be insistent and for having provided me with advice and advice.

The journey on this road has not been easy, the amount of papers, forms, translations, etc. They are unpleasant, especially when working against the clock and those who must provide the information do not respond with the timing that one expects. Claudia and the Statera team have always been there to support me with answers, alternatives and advice when things get complicated. They prepare the documentation “for the war” incorporating what they have learned from recent cases to avoid that any document is rejected or extra information is requested, delaying the process. What if I recommend them? Of course! At the time they were immigrants as one, so they have already traveled this path of hopes and challenges; they make each of the milestones their own and celebrate with you those joys, of which they were an important part; their professionalism and dedication is foolproof, they have several years of experience; They have a network of consultants with whom they synergize, they are generous in sharing knowledge through the RRSS; They explain the concepts with “apples and pears” so that you understand them.

Looking back, it was an excellent decision to have chosen them. Thanks a lot!

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